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You love acting. You want to be on television. Maybe you want to be a movie star. But how do you get there? Where do you start? Who can help you?

The keys to turning an aspiring actor into a bankable star are these: talent, camera-friendliness, craft, luck, experience and connections. Guess which are the most important factors as you move from amateur to bankable? They're the very same keys we give you at Celebrity Experience--craft, luck, experience and connections.


Luck doesn't just happen. You make your luck. You're in the right place (our events are one of the right places); you meet the right people (working with celebrities at our seminars); casting directors see your work (with us you'll get exposure by filming a body of work at a film studio); and people who can hire you will remember your face (especially if you've met them face-to-face).


To develop your craft, you'll work with our celebrities first-hand and you'll film your work. You'll get a chance for some personal TV and movie star Q&A. We bring you industry professional speakers who will help you understand areas where you can improve. Our speakers are well known and respected folks throughout the film business; you never know when one of our speakers might be hiring--and they will become some of your connections.


Speaking of connections, how much more connected can you get! Movie stars answering your questions, industry big shots giving tips, getting to work with famous actors and other celebrities, working with a professional crew at a studio, filming your talent. Making the right connections will be the most important thing you do for your career and for your future.


We help you develop experience through hands-on work and performing with celebrities who we bring in exclusively for our student attendees…Every performer is able to see from an inside perspective what it means to work in the entertainment industry. You'll actually get yourself on film, in a movie studio, directed by a Hollywood director and with professional crew shooting you while creating a reel of your work, which is a rare and unique opportunity for aspiring performers.

At Celebrity Experience we really want to help you jump-start your acting career. We want to get you on the fast track. We care about your success and we have the keys to help you make it. You bring the talent and the camera face. We'll give you the craft, the luck, the experience and the connections to become an insider in the movie business.

Among the many celebrities that have attended The Celebrity Experience exclusive event have been stars from television shows and films like Ryan Potter "Big Hero 6" Corbin Bleu "High School Musical" Caroline Sunshine “Shake it up,” Karan Brar "Jesse" Spencer Boldman “Lab Rats & Zapped",” Janelle Parrish "Pretty Little Liars" Ashley Argota “Meet the Fosters,” Luke Benward “Good luck Charlie, Ravenswood, and Cloud 9", ” Max Adler "Glee and Switched at Birth", Brando Eaton "Dexter and American Sniper" Allen Evangelista "Project Almanac" Brendan Robinson "Pretty Little Liars" Francia Raisa "The Secret Life of an American Teenager"